We love to share success stories. A client that we had months ago was the Coffee Institute of Costa Rica (ICAFE), which opted to generate savings with solar panels.  

Monthly consumption chart

Monthly Consumption Chart

In the column on the left, we can see the monthly average electric bill that the institution had in its headquarters before installing solar panels. In the column on the right we can see the current panorama, where the panels have already begun to generate energy, so that the electric bill of this last month reached only one hundred three thousand one hundred seventy-three colones. Contrary to the seven hundred twenty thousand forty-five colones that were paid before. Generating a monthly electricity savings of six hundred sixteen thousand eight hundred seventy-two colones.

A distributed generation system was installed, that is to say “connected to the network” .  With a total of 151 solar panels and the use of inverter technology. 

The system will generate a mitigation (non-emission) of 3.54 tons of carbon dioxide (Co2) annually. 

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