What characterizes the LED? 

Remembering the last post we made about this technology (LED), we learned that “upon receiving a very low intensity electric current, it emits light efficiently and with high performance.”

So it has wide advantages over the old technologies.

In the following image you can see the three most common types that we find in stores. 

Types of technologies

From Left to Right: Incandescent, Fluorescent and LED

Commonly, we find “fluorescent” bulbs everywhere. They are an old technology cheap and easy to find. The “incandescent are even older and are those yellow light bulbs. On the other hand, in the case of LED, the price of each bulb is usually higher than that of an incandescent and / or fluorescent one. But the advantages are indisputable. 

Its best known advantage is the saving capacity that means the use of LED to any other technology. But;

How much do you save?

Light bulbs can mean savings of up to 80% on your light consumption. How? There are bulbs with the same lighting capacity of up to eight times lower wattage than a current bulb. If we add to this the fact that LED technology has, by far, a better guarantee of performance and life; The advantages are indisputable. A light bulb of this type can last up to 5 years without having to be changed.

For example:

Light bulbs with the same lighting capacity:

  • Lumens: 500  
  • Incandescent bulb: 60 W
  • LED bulb: 6-7 W

That is why we constantly recommend you to convert to LED technology. It is one of the key steps that are part of our list of recommendations for Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency.

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