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Generate your own energy:
a smart investment

Solar panels are a reliable way to self-supply, with quality energy and friendly with the environment. Our team gives a warranty of more than 25 years,allowing you to reduce your electricity bill with security and long-term support. The energy saving offered by our photovoltaic systems will allow you to recover the investment over a period of 4 to 6 years.

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35 years of experience
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We have highly specialized professionals, CAP certified,to offer integral solutions to our clients. We have the logistic, professional and adequate equipment to provide the best solution to your needs in our specialty works, offering quality and support as specialized equipment and materials importers.

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Clean Energies

Energy saving in a safe and reliable way is possible in industry, commerce and home; with our study services of energy saving, photovoltaic energy and conversion to LED technology

High Voltage

Our high voltage services comply with the standards of the distribution companies such as ICE, CNFL, JASEC and ESPH. We are empowered to build high voltage networks, for the energy supply of our territory,efficiently and safely.

Low Voltage

We design and build electrical installations according to the latest regulations of the NEC (National Electric Code) for residential, commercial and industrial assemblies and explosion-proof systems.


Our company is authorized to design and build the most advanced telecommunications systems of our era, such as fiber optics, structured cabling and wireless networks,among others.

Electrical Verification

Our CAP engineer gives you the electrical verification certificate that you need, to be able to approve the operating permit for the Ministry of Health.

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