On this occasion we bring you a Real Savings Case with Solar Panels in Costa Rica.  The Guapileño sports complex opted for Solar Energy as its ally.

Installation of a Savings System with Solar Panels:
  • For the correct installation of a Solar Energy System it is necessary to have specialists like us.
  • You will be guided throughout the system installation process.
  • Support during the process of legal procedures that involve the installation of your Solar Energy System.
  • A previous study will be carried out to know the electricity consumption needs of the users of the store.
  • In the case of the Sports Complex, 114 Solar Panels and 6 investors were installed.

Savings: Monthly Electric Billing

Before: ₡ 665,578 per month

After: ₡ 267,458 per month

Savings: ₡ 398,120 per month

The significant Electric Savings resulted in going from an Electric Billing of six hundred sixty-five thousand five hundred seventy-eight to two hundred sixty-one thousand four hundred fifty-eight colones per month. Generating a saving of THIRTY NINETY AND EIGHT THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED TWENTY colones.

The detail of the Electric Saving can be seen better in the attached image.

This means for Costa Rica a significant annual saving of carbon dioxide.

Savings Information

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