Solar Panels need very little maintenance. These are the cares and recommendations that Seléctrica suggests you follow to keep them in optimal conditions:


Photovoltaic Modules (Solar Panels)
  • Clean the modules with water. Only the top.
  • If it becomes necessary to use more than water, you can apply a mild detergent. DO NOT use strong and abrasive detergents.
  • It is possible to use a windshield wiper to facilitate cleaning. Again, do not use fabrics that can cause some kind of damage to the panels.
  • Clean the panels early or late, when the panels are cold and do not suffer a thermal shock.
  • You can end up drying with a soft cloth or with the windshield wiper.

Solar Panel and Cleaning


  • Avoid shadows: The growth of trees and other vegetation that can produce shadows on solar panels. This can lower their performance.
  • Consulting with experts on the solar issue: When you decide to install your solar generation system, look for people trained in the subject; To guarantee a good installation. In this way they will make a proper study of your particular case and will have professionals at your side who can always advise you in the future, if necessary.


The weather and how the Solar Panels look will be a key indicator to know. The frequency can be between 1 or 2 times a year, but it will always depend on the conditions they face, depending on the area of the country where the installation is located.

Solar Panel and Cleaning

In the image you can see an example of when a panel needs to be cleaned

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