Why an Electric Verification?

The Electric Verification, is an indispensable requirement, to obtain the Operating Permit, by the Ministry of Health, which, for a few years, only grants this type of permits, if there is the aforementioned Electrical Verification, performed by an electrical engineer who holds CAP Certification (CFIA Professional Update Certificate).

The CAP engineer certifies and records the Electrical Verification, that the installation complies fully with what is established in the construction plans, with the use that will be given to the service, as well as with the voltage needs that are had, so that the building receives, in a safe way, the electrical supply.

As stated in the previous paragraphs, we can conclude that, without Electric Verification, we do not have an Operating Permit and without this permission, we do not have an electrical supply to operate, hence, therefore, the importance of an Electrical Verification.

Why do I need an Operating Permit?

There is an obligation, for all physical businesses, industries and meeting centers, to provide their buildings, with electrical installations that comply with current regulations, electrical safety of the NEC, National Electrical Code. In order for any of these buildings to function freely, you must have an Operating Permit.

An Operating Permit certifies with guarantees that, at least, the electrical installation of a building is completely safe and reliable, for the people who use it and it is for this importance, that prior to the permit, a CAP engineer (the only certificates in terms of training and updating, on the latest electrical safety regulations of the NEC, National Electrical Code), must perform and certify a Electrical Verification.

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