Terms of use and conditions

1. Your Responsibilities

You are responsible for obtaining and maintaining at your own cost all the equipment and services necessary to access and use the services. When you register with us and each time you access the service, you may be providing certain information about yourself. You agree that we may use any information we obtain about you in accordance with the provisions of our Privacy Policy, which will be used for our corporate purposes. If you decide to register with us, you agree to the following: (i) provide true, accurate, current and complete information as requested and (ii) maintain and update such information to keep it truthful, accurate, current and complete at all times. Additionally, you agree that you will not use our services for any of the following activities: (i) transgress any regulation, regulation, law or local, state, national or international standard, (ii) transmit any material that is abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, pornographic, obscene, lascivious, invasive of the invasion of others, hateful or ethnic and racially discriminatory, (iii) transmit any advertising, “junk mail”, mass mailings, pyramid schemes not authorized or unsolicited in addition to any other similar scheme, (iv) transmit any material that contains malware, spyware, computer virus or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality and performance of any computer software or hardware or other telecommunication equipment, (v) stalking, harassing or hurting other users, including revealing personal information d e users if they keep it privately in the configuration of their profile, (vi) impersonate another person or entity, (vii) use any “robot”, “spider”, “rover”, “scraper” or any other information collection technology (manual or automatic) in order to monitor, store, extract data from, copy or distribute any data from our services, infrastructure or databases or (viii) interfere or obstruct our service, servers or disengage any requirements, procedures, policies or regulations related to or related to services. We reserve the right to make the corresponding complaints, to the authorities that we deem appropriate, for the misuse of any of the indicated instruments.

The foregoing applies to both the Seléctrica SRL sites and any derivative product or other pages, domains and links that are used through our platform or accessed through any other domain through our platform, (for example, synchronization applications with other social networking sites, etc.).

The fact of staying on the page is taken as an inexorable presumption that the user is in accordance with these Terms of Use and any other policy, procedure, guidance or regulation of the sites. The previous presumption begins when accessing the sites and not stop using them, including all the functionalities of the pages (communications, messages, content, etc.).

If you do not agree with any of the provisions contained in this or other documents related to the use of the sites, please refrain from visiting it or accessing it for reference or information.

2. Content Provided by the User

The content provided by the user may be used by Seléctrica SRL or any other subsidiary company, bound or contracted by us, unlimitedly without the need for any remuneration, subject to reasonable communication with the user if possible and deemed necessary by part of Selectrica SRL.

As for any information, data, texts, software, music, sound, photographs, graphics, videos, messages, labels and other materials that you submit or display through our services, we will seek to respect the copyright as far as possible, so we strongly ask the owner of any content that you do not want your content displayed on our sites contact us, specifying the material, date on which it was uploaded to the page and any other relevant data that helps locate the object in question.

The content provided by users is intended for discussion, exchange and common interest of the community. Any material that is considered offensive, illegal and in any other irregular way may be removed without prior notification and full indemnity for Seléctrica SRL. We reserve the right to make the corresponding complaints, to the authorities that we deem appropriate, for the misuse of any of the indicated instruments.

3. Service Cancellation
Seléctrica SRL may cancel your membership or suspend access to all or part of the sites and services, without prior notification, in case you violate these or any other terms of use related to the services provided by Seléctrica SRL, or that in any other way, it displays behaviors that Seléctrica SRL in its complete and absolute discretion, considers that it violates any applicable law or regulation or is offensive to the interests of Seléctrica SRL or other users of our services (including third parties). You agree that Seléctrica SRL will not be liable to you or a third party for removing the content provided by you or for suspending or canceling your access to the sites (in whole or in part). You can discontinue your participation and access our services at any time. Seléctrica SRL reserves the right to investigate the use that you have given to our services in the event that Seléctrica SRL discretionaryly determines that you have violated these Terms of Use. Once the service has been canceled, Seléctrica SRL will not have the obligation to maintain , store or provide you with any data, information or other content that you have uploaded to the sites or through any service.

4. Modification of the Terms of Use

Seléctrica SRL may at any time deemed necessary, due to circumstances that will not be published in the domains and in its absolute and complete discretion, may change the Terms of Use from time to time as deemed necessary. If you disagree with these changes, your only recourse will be to stop using the sites and services owned by Seléctrica SRL. Subsequent use of the related sites and services is an unequivocal indication that you accept the new terms and subject to them.

5. Modification of Services

Seléctrica SRL reserves the right to modify or discontinue all or some aspect of the services available to users through the sites as well as related applications and functionalities. You agree that Seléctrica SRL will not be liable to you or a third party in the event that Seléctrica SRL exercises its right to modify or discontinue the sites or services.

6. Rates
The sites are completely free to use by users, and no changes are projected in the immediate future to change this scheme. However, if the situation arises in which Seléctrica SRL decides to charge for certain content, it may do so in an unrestricted and absolute manner. In no way would you be charged unless Seléctrica SRL obtains your consent to pay such fees, which will be approved by you according to the terms and conditions. Reserving the possibility of charging a fee for the use of the data by the user, when it exceeds, the queries or downloads established as a limit for each user.If you did not agree to the payment of fees, you will not have access to the content and / or paid services. Details related to the content or service you would receive for a fee, as well as the terms and conditions of use will be indicated to you prior to your agreement to make payments. If you sign this agreement, you agree to pay the stipulated price. These terms and conditions (if they exist) will be taken as an equal part and incorporated into these Terms of Use.

7. Password and Security

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password to access the services and sites, and you are ultimately responsible for all actions and activities performed using your profile. You agree that you will notify Seléctrica SRL immediately if you become aware of any unauthorized use of your profile or any other security contingency related to the service. You acknowledge and agree that Seléctrica SRL will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to properly safeguard your password and profile information.

8. Hyperlinks

Seléctrica SRL may place hyperlinks (“links”) to other Internet sites or resources for your convenience or as part of advertising programs whose main objective is to obtain income for the maintenance of the operations of the sites. You acknowledge and agree that Seléctrica SRL will have no responsibility for any information, software or materials found in such hyperlinks or Internet resources.


Seléctrica SRL may offer software applications that facilitate access to services and sites. In such circumstances, Eléctrica SRL grants you a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable and limited license only on the equipment that you will use to access the sites and services. You agree that Seléctrica SRL may also occasionally provide updates to these applications, which you will accept for installation. If you do not accept the terms of the application, please refrain from using it, since its constant use implies the tacit acceptance of these terms.

10.Commercial use

You may not copy, perform derivative works with, resell, distribute or make any commercial use of (with the exception of maintaining and sharing information for your own non-commercial uses) of any content, material or databases of our infrastructure or systems. You may not sell, produce derived licenses or redistribute software applications owned by Seléctrica SRL, or incorporate them (in whole or in part) into another product. You may not perform reverse engineering processes, disassembly or any similar process that attempts to obtain the source code (except where this is expressly permitted by law) or protocol communications to access the services or sites. You may not modify, adapt or create works or works derived from the software or remove notifications and features incorporated therein.


You expressly agree that the use of the sites and services is at your own risk. We provide the services in the way they are available at the moment. We expressly free ourselves from any responsibility of any kind, express or tactical with respect to the sites, services and related products owned by Seléctrica SRL. Seléctrica SRL does not guarantee that the services or sites will be to your satisfaction or that the services will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free. You acknowledge that access to data (including but not limited to documents, photographs and software files) stored by you or others on the sites and services is not guaranteed and Seléctrica SRL will not be liable to you or third parties for the loss of data caused by its lack of availability. Seléctrica SRL is not guaranteed as to the results it may obtain from the use of the sites or services, or from the accuracy or reliability of any information obtained through the sites or services or that errors in them will be corrected. You understand and accept that any material and / or information obtained due to the use of the sites or services is at your own discretion and risk and is your sole responsibility for any damage arising therefrom. No advice provided to you by Seléctrica SRL, oral or written, will constitute a warranty not expressly made herein and under no circumstances may it be considered non-professional legal advice.

Due to the nature of the sites and their purpose, you may decide to get involved with one or more causes directly or indirectly beyond the use of the sites and services of Seléctrica SRL. In such circumstances you act personally and at your own risk. Seléctrica SRL will not be responsible for any damage, crime or illegal or irregular activity of users of the sites.

12. Limitation of Liability

You understand that under the scope legally permitted, under no circumstance Seléctrica SRL, your employees, partners or directly or indirectly related parties will be liable under any theory or type of responsibility (whether under contract, statute or other) for any direct, indirect damage, incidental, special or causal, including but not limited to damages for loss of income, profitability, good faith, data or other intangible losses (even if such parties were advised of these damages, or knew of the possibility of them or had the possibility to know) resulting from your use of the sites or services (or of any person using the sites or services with your profile) about the information that you authorize, supply or provide directly and indirectly to Seléctrica SRL.

13. Compensation

You agree to keep Seléctrica SRL (together with its employees, partners and related parties) free of any legal process, loss, liability or expenses (including legal expenses) incurred against Seléctrica SRL by any third party as a result of or related to your use of the sites.

14. Registered Trademarks and Patents

Seléctrica SRL and its respective designs, logos and certain other materials displayed on the sites or services constitute registered trademarks or logos of Seléctrica SRL. You are not authorized to use such registered trademarks, unless you have contacted Seléctrica SRL directly and have obtained consent for such purposes. The ownership of trademarks, logos, and other materials is held exclusively as the property of Seléctrica SRL.

15. Use Restriction

The content of the sites and services (“the content”), including but not limited to videos, text, photographs and graphics are protected under the laws of the Republic of Costa Rica and laws International intellectual property and property rights. The content (i) may not be copied, modified, reproduced or redistributed in any way without prior written permission of Seléctrica SRL and (ii) must adhere to all information, restrictions and notifications contained in or attached to any content. We grant you a personal, revocable, non-transferable and non-transferable right to be licensed by third parties to access the sites and services in the manner permitted by and regulated in the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (as well as any other related document of Seléctrica SRL regarding the use of the sites or services).

16.Electronic notifications

You agree that communications with Seléctrica SRL will be maintained exclusively electronically. The act of registering, using or entering the sites or services of Seléctrica SRL is taken as an acceptance of the foregoing. Seléctrica SRL may provide you with electronic notifications (i) via email if you have provided us with a valid email address or (ii) making the notification through another designated website by Seléctrica SRL for such purposes. The delivery of the notification is considered effective when it is sent or displayed on the designated site, regardless of whether you actually read the notification or receive the notification. You may waive your consent to receive electronic notifications by discontinuing your use of the sites and services of Seléctrica SRL .

17. Jurisdiction and Applicable Standards

You agree that all matters related to access to the sites, including potential disputes will be governed under the laws of the Republic of Costa Rica. This agreement will be taken as agreed and registered in San José, Costa Rica. According to the above, the rights and responsibilities of the parties will be determined in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Costa Rica. The parties agree that the exclusive jurisdiction for the resolution of disputes will be in the Courts that correspond according to the amount, always within the Province of San José, Costa Rica. Both parties irrevocably consent to participate in the legal process if notified and carried out according to the provisions contained herein.

18. Other Relevant Matters

The original content of the sites is property of Seléctrica SRL and its export, re-export or adaptation is prohibited, except in cases where the user directly contacts Seléctrica SRL and obtain consent to perform these actions.

In jurisdictions where one or more of the provisions of these Terms of Use are contrary to Law or prohibited, they will be replaced with applicable legal provisions that best capture the intent and spirit of these Terms of Use so that they remain fully in force. and complete.

These Terms of Use constitute the entire agreement between you and Seléctrica SRL regarding your use of the sites, and any other oral or written agreement between you and Seléctrica SRL with respect to such use are hereinafter repealed and canceled. Seléctrica SRL will not accept counter offers regarding the Terms of Use, and they are hereinafter rejected ad portas. If Seléctrica SRL decides not to proceed legally or otherwise against a user for violations of the Terms of Use, that will not constitute a waiver by Seléctrica SRL to any provision or emergent right of this document. Likewise, this document cannot be interpreted in such a way that it results in rights for third parties.

Feedback and Information:

Any feedback you provide will be taken as non-confidential. Seléctrica SRL can use this information freely and without restrictions.

The information contained in these websites is subject to change without prior notification.

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